Nogales Produce
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Key Facts

Ongoing Commitment
100% Traceability
HAACP Certified
Supplier Compliance
Food Safety

At Nogales Produce Inc., Inc., food safety is an ongoing commitment. Our highly qualified professionals manage the entire food safety supply-chain, from growers to distribution to customers. Nogales Produce Inc., Inc. requires all suppliers to meet stringent food safety and security standards. Ongoing compliance with standards is verified and documented.

Nogales Produce Inc., Inc. suppliers are inspected by approved third-party auditors and required to have food security programs in place. In times of emergency, Nogales Produce Inc., Inc., Emergency Management Team is uniquely positioned to respond rapidly to any recall or traceback situation nationwide. The Emergency Management Team communicates all relevant produce-related outbreaks to our customers and assists with developing action response plans. Nogales Produce Inc., Inc., commitment to food safety and security in the supply chain.

Required Nogales Produce Inc., Inc, Supplier/Partner Programs

  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Recall Capabilities
  • Full Traceability
  • Food Security Plans; Carrier and Distribution Cold Chain Management

Verification of Supplier/Partner Compliance

  • Sign-off by Suppliers on Custom Produce Sales, Food Safety, Security, and Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Third-Party Audits of Produce Sales, Suppliers/Partner Programs

Nogales Produce Inc.

  • Third party HAACP inspections conducted by Primus Labs
  • Periodic third party USDA audits
  • Round the clock monitoring of cooler temperatures
  • Quality Assurance (Cooler Teams)
  • Daily quality sorts to ensure what everything is shipped is of the highest quality
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management and Communication
  • Food Safety Assistance to all Produce Sales Customers