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Fax Authorization Form
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Dear Customer,

According to the new rules from the United States Federal Communications Commission, effective August 25, 2003, we are unable to legally fax advertisements (price lists, availability lists, solicitations, etc.) to anyone in the United States without signed written permission. This is part of the same rules that created the widely publicized "do not call" registry in the United States.

In order for Nogales Produce, Inc. to conduct business, it is necessary for us to fax price list and /or ad- vertisements to our customers. If you would like to continue receiving faxes from us, in accordance with this new law, we ask that you take a moment to complete the information below and fax it back Nogales Produce, Inc. before August 25, 2003 to (214) 275 -3575. If you prefer to receive information via email, please indicate below.

Please feel free to contacts us if you have any questions. Sincerely,

CEO/ President

I/we prefer to receive any information via: