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Business / Individual Information

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I hereby certify to Nogales Produce, Inc. That: everything in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge; you are authorized to obtain such information as you require concerning this application; to run credit reports necessary to complete this credit check on myself and/or my company; this application shall remain your proprty whether or not credit is granted. In the even that credit is granted, it is agreed that all invoices shall be due and payable in accordance with the Terms of Sale Agreement. All information must be completed before reviewed.

Guaranty Agreement

Name of account to receive personal guarantee: Nogales Produce, Inc.

In consideration of credit being extended to the above named firm by Nogales Produce, Inc., each of the undersigned personally guarantee the prompt payment of any and all indebtedness that exist or may arise as owing by the above named firm to Nogales Produce, Inc., because of the extension of credit to it. Each of us further agree that this guaranty is an absolute, complete and continuing one and no notice of indebtedness or any extensions of credit already or hereafter contracted for or extended need be given. I (we) agree that the terms of payment of any indebtedness may be extended and/or renewed without notice to me (us). That I (we) will, within ten (10) days from date of notice that the account is past due, pay the amount in full. Should any legal actions be taken, each of us, the undersigned agrees that Dallas County, Texas will be the proper venue. We further agree that this guaranty is joint and severable.

Sale Agreement

It is hereby agreed that: all purchases made by the firm below named are due and payable to Nogales Produce, Inc., in full ____ days after the date of each invoice for any purchase made. All credit purchases are past due if not then paid. Interest will be assessed and shall be due on all past due amounts at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) annually beginning on the day following the date the amount becomes past due. If an account is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, reasonable attorneys' fees and court cost will be assessed and shall be due and payable. All Accounts are due and payable at 8220 Forney Rd. Dallas, Texas 75227. Should any legal actions be taken, it is agreed that Dallas County, Texas will be considered proper venue.


I hereby agree to the terms of sale as stated above.